Do Mp3 Players Have A Future?

When last did you see someone walking or running with an MP3 player in their hands? It’s a reality faced by MP3 manufactures.  MP3 players are not as popular as they used to be. This is due to the evolution of smartphones. A smartphone has everything we need, music, video, memory and all the basic phone functions. One is left asking the question, is there a future for the MP3 player?

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A survey was conducted in Germany where results revealed that 95% of the German people would be using smartphones come 2015. Yet there’s the argument of people who keep their music players and smartphones separate. Think about it, you’d rather jog with a music player as opposed to using your smartphone, which in essence makes complete sense. In addition, a number of parents don’t want to buy their children smartphones yet.

Using a smartphone for everything kills the battery thus affecting the quality of your phone. There’s also the argument of cost. A smartphone isn’t cheap; an MP3 player is more affordable. MP3 players have come a long way in terms of design, colour screens, handling and top-of-the-line models featuring large screens perfect for playing videos with others offering large memory.

This gives MP3 manufactures hope that the device might stick around for a little bit longer. However, the competition is rather fierce. Apple is leading the pack thanks to the invention of iPods. Apple has an integrated online shop, iTunes where one can download thousands of the latest tracks. This has helped Apple’s popularity especially among young people.

Apple has also introduced the iPod Shuffle; it’s a small square device with no screen offering 2GB of memory. Therefore, it looks like Apple might just take over making the MP3 a distant memory.


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